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UMR AMURE, a joint research center in law and economics of the sea of the University of Brest and Ifremer, in collaboration with the Center for Marine and Coastal Policy Research of the University of Plymouth, are pleased to announce the 3rd MarCoPol Forum to be held 27-28 October 2015 in Brest. This forum is organized in conjunction with the Sea Tech event SAFER SEAS, 4th conferenceĀ on maritime safety and security (27-28 October), the annual symposium of the European Academy of Science EURASC (27 October) and the 2nd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference (29 October).

The 3rd MarCoPol Forum will provide policy-makers, policy-influencers, practitioners, regulators, and researchers with the opportunity to discuss approaches and challenges in the implementation of European marine and coastal policies in various member states.


The forum is organized around a broad range of topics on marine and costal policy, and will enable stakeholders to discuss management and conservation issues, as well as potential solutions for coordinated action. Topics of particular interest include:

  • Ecosystem based management
  • Common Fishery Policy
  • Marine spatial planning
  • Marine and coastal biodiversity conservation
  • Integrated coastal management
  • Coastal risk management
  • Adaptation to climate change impacts
  • Local-level management approaches
  • Transboundary marine policy and management
  • Marine safety and security
  • Blue Growth
  • New maritime opportunities: new routes, new regulations, fossil fuels and renewable marine energy
  • Climate change impacts on ocean, food production, health, economics and international treaties

The first day, October 27th, starts with a EURASC - SAFER SEAS joint session dedicated to climate change followed by two SAFER SEAS plenary sessions on maritime safety and security issues. The evening of the first day will be an opportunity for networking, with a dinner cocktail offered by the City of Brest and a MarCoPol opening conference to be delivered by a special guest.


The second day, October 28th, the MarCoPol forum will be dedicated to sharing experiences in implementing maritime and coastal EU regulations in France and the UK with two plenary sessions and six workshops. Registration to the MarCoPol forum gives also access to the second day of the SAFER SEAS conference.

Participants to MarCoPol Forum are kindly invited to register for the 2nd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference.

2nd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference

This conference is intended for stakeholders in the Atlantic Area to network to initiate projects in support to the implementation of the European Atlantic Strategy under the European Integrated Maritime Policy.

This conference is organized, free of charge, by the European Commission, but separate registration is required. Please, register for the 2nd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference directly on the following website:

Click on the image to open the website

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